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Sphinx Linxs.

A collection of links to astound you, fill you with wonder, and send you off on your own quest for truth. Put a coat on in case of rain, and please come back again.
More mythological creatures on the 'Net.
        The Chimera wants to hear from you. He serves up puzzles and
conundrums, trivia and IQ tests a'plenty. Don't ask what it is with we
motley monsters of myth and mind games, riddles, and what-not. We won't
answer. It's our job to ask you the questions.

Visit the Sphinx's dictationist.

        Chris Street speaks out on this page. She's the person behind this
site; she takes my riddles and sets them in electronic form for me. Most
people just can't afford a trip to Alexandria to converse with me, and I'm
booked solid for the next 500 years anyway. Hence this page. She also wrote
the Java programs that appear here; pay her a visit.

DJGPP C. Pat, may I buy a vowel, please?

	Delorie Software maintains a GNU port of GCC to MS-DOS. No, this
isn't another riddle; it's a link, really!

Ancient artifacts.

	The Turin Shroud web page. The latest in sindonological research
can be found here. Is the image on the Turin Shroud a clever forgery, or
a genuine artifact of Christ of mysterious, if not miraculous, origins?

Study the work of C.S. "Jack" Lewis.

	Into the Wardrobe: the C.S. Lewis Web Site. Information and
links on all of C.S. Lewis' work, from allegory to lingual studies, from
theological to reflective works.

If any of the above links are obsolete, please let me know.